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About Me

2019: a spark of brightness for the Universe to behold as a Universal 3 Year is moving along at a steady rate. A year of creativity, connections, and communications that can result in some much-needed healing and rediscovery of our true selves. This includes, honesty, vulnerability, dynamic interactions, and perhaps some synchronicity that comes with the magic of the Universe.


Me, who am I? Where do I come from philosophically in assisting you? I was born February 21st; with a 22/4 life path. I have a wealth of “5” energy in the vibrational energy of my name. That “M”, as my “cornerstone”, gives me some leadership abilities. I am a builder, a creative soul, and one who craves change and variety. Throw some compassion into the mix, along with emphasis on the Earth and Water. Astrologically, I have the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo.  

My background of work experience echoes the vibrations struck by the numbers and planets in my charts. I bring to you the lessons learned from my training and experience in social work, project management, relationship coaching, Feng Shui consulting, Chakradance facilitating, Aromatherapy, always with numerology studies on the front burner. Here I am today. I feel that coaching with you in the areas of love, career, abundance, and timing is something that fits well for me.

I call myself a “Numerology Navigator”. I have experienced the joys of numerology in my own life, and here I go with building a full-time career helping you. As my list of services indicates, I want to help you with careers, love, and generally creating your dreams through numerology and complimentary modalities. I have a specialty in careers. I will work with you to find the right schedule for phone consultations, no matter which time zone you live in. If you want a 15-minute sampling of what we can work on together, contact me for a complimentary discovery session today.

Byron who is my partner assists me and keeps me sane. He likes to tinker with old cars in his spare time. In fact, I used an automotive analogy to explain the various vibrations of the digits 1 through 9 with “Vehicle Lessons and Understanding the Foundation Numbers”, embedded in my #SYNCWITHTHECOSMOS2019 guides offered at the top of the page. I guess this comes from the time we spend around vehicles in our lives.

Let me help you today. Tell me your situation and I will see what I can do. Just click below and I will respond with care.

Number-logically yours,

Maureen Yvonne Nowicki


Maureen is truly gifted! I reached out to her for help w/some changes I’m considering making for my small business, and I was not disappointed. Maureen takes her time in providing wisdom and insight for those who are seeking more direction. I highly recommend her - you will be very grateful.”
— Rebecca Catherine - Soul Sense
The Love Notions report we received from Maureen was very telling. Along with being very accurate, we loved the personal insight Maureen gave us throughout the report: a testimony to her skills as a Numerology Navigator. Maureen’s report really surprised me. Not only was it bang on, but it made me think about my habits and behaviours in new ways; it helped begin a new dialogue between me and my partner
— Sue Hayduk
Maureen did my Master Report for Numerology and it is like she saw right THROUGH me! What she has told me has caused me to really examine what I need to work on, what direction my life is going, and gave me so much hope and excitement for what is to come! The amazing effort and intention that she puts into the incredible 58-page document is well worth the cost! I would highly recommend this to anyone that is getting into the spiritual realm, interested in going a little deeper into themselves, and doing some inner work. Maureen is amazing.
— Tara Brunet with Training By Tara
Oh my gosh, Maureen; I am blown away by the abundance and accuracy of the information you shared with me in the Work Notions report! I love, love, love how you detail my life path, my special talents, soul urge, and hidden passion. To discover my karmic lessons, soul colour, aromatherapy oil recommendations, and feng shui tips are icing on the cake, and the forecast of the year will be invaluable to mindfully navigating each month and when to amp up business projects or leisure activities. Thank you, Ms. Numerology Navigator! This was truly worth the time and investment.”
— Leslie Hamp,
Maureen, this is incredible work! Incredibly accurate....identifies all of my key strengths and challenges. It’s like you have lifted a mirror to my soul. Now I know where I need to focus more energy for t5he good, and where I need to back down (and get out of my own way) to minimize life’s challenges. The feng shui analysis offer an additional layer of insight, and tells me where I need to balance energies and could keep me either stuck in the past, or enmeshed in the present that never looks forward. I have some work to do, but you have created a road map forward for at least the next year! Thank you so much for sharing the gift of the tremendously insightful tools. I know they are life-changing when properly applied, and I so look forward to a brand new start! Many blessings back to you.
— Katina. Z. Jones, Author/Co-Visionary at