/sôr/ verb - Increase rapidly above the usual level

Unburden yourself by delving into healing, honouring, releasing and action. I work with you at a soul level to help navigate you to free yourself and allow your most vibrant Divine self to step forward.

Maureen Y. Nowicki


Does This Resonate With You?

My triad of services can ALL assist you in different ways!

Numerology helps you SOAR by exploring the cyclic number sets that govern your life! For me, knowing what facets of my life to focus on at different times has been very valuable for planning each day, month and year.

Akashic Record readings look at your soul from the perspective of its past, present, and future. We look at any roadblocks that have been created, and what can be done NOW to move you to SOAR through actionable steps!

Chakradance is a gently healing dream-like dance that can work at unblocking, clearing, and healing your chakras - as you dance you feel the SOAR potential from your toes to your head. I facilitate and hold the space for individuals and groups located on Vancouver Island. No dancing ability of any kind is required! So if that resonates with you at a level deep within... just say YES!

October Bits and Bobs



Working with my pendulum as dowsing tool.

Working with my pendulum as dowsing tool.

My October offerings in the Akashic Records span from 1) a couples/ relationship/child reading, 2) ongoing life situation evaluation reading, a 3) general soul profile reading . Look forward in November for me offer you as an entrepreneur or business owner a comprehensive energetic evaluation of your business!




Breathing Space Mind & Body Studio in Brentwood Bay, BC

Breathing Space Mind & Body Studio in Brentwood Bay, BC

For October, there are no Chakradance offerings, but in November and December there are already dates planned. I am able to facilitate Chakradance on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. This this is your opportunity to come and see and really feel the dance in your body. Future Dates: November 16th and December 15th at the Breathing Space Mind &Body Studio in Brentwood Bay. Contact me to schedule a time with your group, company, or agency.




Universal Month Forecast for October

Universal Month Forecast for October

As October settles in, we arrive at a Universal 4 month. VFor the October forecast feel free to view it on my on my Numerology page. There are only 3 more months left in the year, but the #SYNCWITHTHECOSMOS 2019 Personal Year Books are still for sale if you want to discover more about numerology, your personal year, personal day, and have some practical advice regarding your day-to-day living. They will be being revamped in 2020 for 2021.


My Mission & Musings

My goal in one sentence: To continue delving deeper into living life as a celebrated soul-level experience; and work directly with others to discover and support them in doing the same.

If you are curious about my working style, it is pretty real, open, and sensitive as we are dealing with soul-level aspects. I work in conversation through SKYPE, ZOOM, and sometimes in person. You will find “10 Things About Me”, including my personal qualifications if you click on the “learn more” link below. Also, read what others have to say below, which is always a good thing to see if there is a fit!

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Native path numerology

Using the “Native Path” methodology, this art and science explores your name and birthdate. It offers insights into possible careers, pathways, relationships, challenges and exciting alignments for your soul’s journey.



“Akasha” is a Sanskrit word which means “ether”. In Indian cosmology, akasha was considered the first of five elements; the others being the familiar earth, air, fire and water. The akashic records recall every event that has transpired in the cosmos.



This subtle healing art, experienced through dance is done in a group setting. It is free-form, so there is nothing to learn as far as getting the steps right! It is for all people. It is to be experienced. Classes begin in September in the southern Vancouver Island area.


Soul Services Special

If you decide to take the Chakradance Introductory Afternoon at the Breathing Space Mind and Body Studio in November or December, I will give you $20 off one of my Numerology or Akashic Record readings. Just sign up for CHAKRADANCE above, then send me an email at and I’ll get you set up!

Autumn Personal Year E-Book Special

Last chance to get your own #SYNCWITHTHECOSMOS2019 Planner. Please CLICK HERE to choose the appropriate volume from the 9 E-Books offered.


Raves & Reviews


“Wow! Although I was skeptical at first, Maureen’s Akashic Record reading turned out to be very accurate and insightful. The reading can be best described as an eye opening chat that provides both a cleansing and renewal process that opens you up to removing negative energies in your life. Thank you Maureen for giving me a new level of awareness of how my past life patterns have been blocking my current path!”

Rob Shewchuk

tara new.jpg

“Maureen did my Master Report for Numerology and it is like she saw right THROUGH me! What she has told me has caused me to really examine what I need to work on, what direction my life is going, and gave me so much hope and excitement for what is to come! The amazing effort and intention that she puts into the incredible 58-page document is well worth the cost! I would highly recommend this to anyone that is getting into the spiritual realm, interested in going a little deeper into themselves, and doing some inner work. Maureen is amazing. ”

Tara Brunet - Tara Brunet Mindset


“Maureen is truly gifted! I reached out to her for help w/some changes I’m considering making for my small business, and I was not disappointed. Maureen takes her time in providing wisdom and insight for those who are seeking more direction. I highly recommend her - you will be very grateful.”

Rebecca Catherine - Soul Sense LLC


Get Soaring!

I just want to say thank you for considering my services! If the spirit moves you, have a look through my articles page to give you a sense of my work. Here are three things that can really keep us connected and I hope you are drawn to them:



Are you ready to sign up for one of my offerings today? Send me a message and I will respond with the information that you need. If it is Chakradance on Vancouver Island that interests you, be aware of the specials that will be offered from time to time. This is going to be great!



I am revamping my mailout e-newsletter called “SOAR” which will come out once a month. This will have updates and all things soul related. I would love to have you join the community with me!


If you have had one session and would like to build a coaching package with me, this is what you can do to share and care. If someone buys a service based on your referral, tell me about it! I would like to give back to you with offering you a discount on my services. My thank-you to you.