What is Numerology? Here's CosmosNotions' Perspective

It is the study of names and numbers and their different vibrational properties that dates back centuries to the Egyptians, Hebrews, Chinese, Greeks, Romans and Japanese. Greek philosopher Pythagoras is said to be the Father of Modern Numerology.  He seems to get the credit for the theoretical foundations of numerology. Numerology is both practical and mystical in its nature, but the application in day-to-day life is possible for everyone.

There is a frequency or a measurement in Hertz that gives each number a specific vibration. Numerology is something to be experienced over a period of time to really see, feel, and understand how it works in your life.

As for coaching with numerology, I employ coaching strategies and understanding gained as a social worker, training in relationship coaching, direct numerology studies, aspects of energy found in Feng Shui and exploring your home environment. I essentially want to explore with you how I can help add up your experience with understanding how you can make your numbers work for your life to your advantage.

My hands-on numerology training has derived from Master Numerologists including Vikki McKinnon and Darlene Chadbourne and I respect the works on Hans Decoz and continue to grow in the field. I am currently completing certification training with Darlene to enhance my work.

A little poetry in numbers and my philosophy around coaching:

Does It Add Up?

An experience with numbers in the cosmos is rhythmical and syncing.

You can be any age, race, orientation or belief system to feel them, to think them, to live them.

The cycling and the deepening of number learning when magnified is profoundly linking.

Whether situated in the Middle East or in Sweden, you will share your Personal Year you will unearth.

Numbers do not discriminate on anything like geography, intellect, or orientation.

You are bonded as a numerological sister or brother or sister/brother any label that to you feel worth.

The offering of the numbers does provide each one with a theme and personality – dark and light

There is a grace and honour to each number that gives it a special place in the cosmos.

You may say that numbers in connection with people all have their natural place of delight.

Numbers can navigate you in your timing, your planning, your brighter and darker sides.

You can find that regardless of all other circumstance’s numbers can flatter your days.

Additional cheer may be graced to you if you allow numbers to helpfully and soulfully reside.

Let your experience with numbers take you deeper and deeper into your days and to your dreams.

Love, life purpose, profound timing, and abundance can be found in their rhythmic properties.

Practical essences of numbers make sense; feeling their frequency is where the mystery leans.

Maureen Yvonne Nowicki - 2018 (reflections on what numbers mean in my heart)

Awesome photography credited to the gifted Byron - Meteor Crater outside of Flagstaff, Arizona..

Awesome photography credited to the gifted Byron - Meteor Crater outside of Flagstaff, Arizona..