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10 Things

So, above is number 1, and I write with a chuckle and a smile. I truly just one day woke up after having a flu and said “no more coffee, ugh!”. I have been cold turkey since with tea now added to my repertoire.

I am making this pretty to-the-point by describing now 9 things that may interest you about me :


2. In my former life I was a Social Worker who worked with vulnerable populations, business owners, non-profits, Newcomers to Canada, students, and First Nations groups. Specialty: career and employment.

3. I am grateful for having been trained by three bright, driven, and illuminated women. Two female Master Numerologists who have a background in Pythagorean Numerology. Native Path Numerology is my latest training (native path - is about your nativity and what you bring to this world at birth). Also, a practical and service-inspired intuitive with over 11 years experience in training thousands of students in the craft of Akashic Records.

4. In 2019, I participated in a deep-dive course to evolve and heal through my training in Chakradance. It was incredible and aligned me to completing my Akashic Records Training which I began 10 years ago and now can say proudly I am a Soul Realignment Practitioner .

5. My working style is collaborative, encouraging, and pretty authentic. I believe in taking action and moving forward. I have progressed leaps and bounds forward this year by facing some deep fears and translating that healing into my practice.

6. Other modalities I am trained in: Feng Shui, Relationship Coaching, and Aromatherapy. I often incorporate these into client sessions.

7. I revel in a home-based business as I am a part-time care partner to a parent who lives in another province.

8. Traveling is my happy-time! My big “5-0” adventure in 2020 will take me to India and beyond.

9. Byron is my partner, my confidant, and the one that helps me continue with transforming as a person and a partner.

10. Dog or cat person? Well, I may be beginning the itch for a dog to keep me on my toes. Cats are good, too! I guess it is like having a baby (never had one, only a God Mom), I will know when I am ready for one.