Akashic Records Soul Profile

I do this reading through pendulum dowsing by connecting to the fifth dimension to receive information about your Akashic Record. It takes several hours to construct your reading, after which we will schedule an appointment for a 75 minute SKYPE or ZOOM session. You will be provided with a recording of our SKYPE session. There is no written report. You can relax into the session with me and review the recording as you see fit.

The comprehensive report includes some of the following:

  • Your amazing and potentially untapped soul gifts.

  • Your soul vibration rate.

  • Your spirit guide team how many are with you.

  • Your primary lesson

  • Your soul specializations

  • Your current blocks and challenges that may be impacting your soul progress.

  • Your story of your soul; what is currently optimal for healing comes to light.

  • Your review of any disturbed sleep patterns due to potential blocks.

  • Your questions about manifestation addressed through an introductory manifestation blueprint reading at the soul level.

  • Your chakras revealed through blocks, negative karmic patterns, restrictions, and healed aspects.

  • Clearing, releasing, honouring, and action steps integrated for you to move into SOAR if you choose.

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