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What is an Akashic Record and what types of services do you offer? What about my kids? I would like to understand more about them at a soul-level.

If you are looking for a detailed description of the Akashic Records, you will find a link to take you to more information at the bottom of this page. For the moment, I will describe it as an energetic recording of every thought from the past, present, and future. I am trained to dowse with a pendulum using a protocol to retrieve the information that I need for our work together. It is best when I receive your intention for the session; because you drive the session and this is all about your empowerment! The negative karmic patterns that we will heal originate from past experiences right up to the present day.

My principal offering, Akashic Records Soul Profile (buy it below!) explores general aspects of your soul profile, including origination of negative karmic patterns. You and I will also work with your current situation and move toward healing, clearing, and helping you take new action and make improved choices.

As for children, if you child is over 3 months of age and you are a legal guardian, you can grant consent for me to open their akashic records and perform a reading. This reading is SOOO helpful for both the parent and child in communicating and exploring each other. It can positively influence your parenting. Whatever is meant to be healed comes to the forefront and we explore it together. There really is nothing mystical or magical about it and it is a really organic and quick logical process. Please have a look below at these offerings and the other akashic records readings I can help you with, and sign up now!

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Akashic Records Soul Profile

I do this reading through pendulum dowsing by connecting to the fifth dimension to receive information about your Akashic Record. It takes several hours to construct your reading, after which we will schedule an appointment for a 75 minute SKYPE or ZOOM session. You will be provided with a recording of our SKYPE session. There is no written report. You can relax into the session with me and review the recording as you see fit.

The comprehensive report includes some of the following:

  • Your amazing and potentially untapped soul gifts.

  • Your soul vibration rate.

  • Your spirit guide team how many are with you.

  • Your primary lesson

  • Your soul specializations

  • Your current blocks and challenges that may be impacting your soul progress.

  • Your story of your soul; what is currently optimal for healing comes to light.

  • Your review of any disturbed sleep patterns due to potential blocks.

  • Your questions about manifestation addressed through an introductory manifestation blueprint reading at the soul level.

  • Your chakras revealed through blocks, negative karmic patterns, restrictions, and healed aspects.

  • Clearing, releasing, honouring, and action steps integrated for you to move into SOAR if you choose.

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Relationship and Connection Akashic Records Reading

This is a dynamic reading that I work to enter the Akashic Record of the two parties which you will both receive:

The Akashic Record Soul Profile reading which illuminates who you are at a soul-level which brings you personal insights for both of you and in particular how your connection is today and perhaps if there are links to previous lifetimes.

We explore together:

  • Your primary energy centres,

  • Your soul groups of origination

  • Your soul vibration rates

  • You receive awareness of your spirit guide teams.

  • Your primary lessons.

  • Your individual blocks and restrictions.

  • Your history and connection

  • Clearing, releasing, honouring, and choosing new action in the relationship

  • Your karma

This could speak to the follow dyads:

  • Parent and Child - If you are Mom or Dad and you are so inclined to receive a reading of both of you at a Soul perspective with your child and find about about past incarnations together, your relationship history, contracts held, life lessons, blocks and restrictions, etc.

  • Friends - If you are two friends and wanting to discover your history together, what are current blocks and restrictions that you hold together and how that impacts you both.

  • Business Acquaintances/Partners - How the two of you have formed your relationship, if previous life contracts are involved, what are certain themes showing up with both people.

This is a 90 minute reading that is recorded via Skype or Zoom . The emphasis on clearing and also the choice for you to take new action is provided. You can relax into this reading and ask questions and we divide the reading between 45 minutes on your individual profiles and 45 minutes on you and your relationship together and how you connect. The session is recorded and you can listen to the reading at anytime to go back over specific details. Questions are recommended and encouraged!

A fascinating and useful way to really understand someone special in your life and they to connect with who you are at soul-level.

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Soul Scope Situational Analysis

Healing and working with the Akashic Records is like peeling an onion, you keep working on the layers as you are ready to do so. After 6 months or maybe a year after having a general Akashic Records reading you may want to delve further and scope into specific life situations that are of concern to you. You may want to fine tune and work with this reading to examine reoccurring issues .

As usual, I start by obtaining your intention for the reading and this forms a basis for your session. You are the one driving the reading.

We work through the situations that are resulting in your life and scope deep into:

  • grouping situations and understanding current situations

  • what blocks and restrictions are present

  • chakra imbalances

  • imprints

  • beliefs

  • illusions

  • hooks and cords

  • unjustified and justified karma

 The result of this scope:

is to take you deeper into yourself and clear for you to choose to take new actions in your life.

(Note: I can work with you with this session initially in particular if there are quite a few issues that are presenting themselves.)

A reading about dealing with scoping into a variety of life-concerning issues that have presented themselves to you.

A wonderful second reading to do that further work that you may be called to do after the initial Akashic Records Soul Profile reading has been completed.

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Value-Added Aspects of Reading

…an opportunity to honour, heal, release, and move into action with living your life at an authentic soul-level.

…reaping the rewards of clearing the record at the 5th dimension in order to feel freed to make new choices at the 3rd dimension of living.

…a wonderful tap-into who you are at soul-level in terms of your gifts, your uniqueness, and how this translates into the world.

…if you choose to explore have an energetic evaluation of your business - you have options previously not expected of elevating your business and its potential.

…deeper and possibly needed insights into your loved ones, including your children to help understand their gifts and ways to parent that match both of you from a soul-level perspective.

More About Akashic Records

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