Anthropomorphism and Vehicle Wisdom

 A slice of time was suddenly carved out for me. Not a voluntary carving. A forced one, brought on by a duh move, one that my 49-years should have taught me to avoid many times before – but it didn’t.  I walked outside on frigid concrete in my bare feet (I detest socks!) for far too long to answer a contractor question and voila; a cold ensued two days later.  I laugh sheepishly and decide to make the best of it.

With a cold, hack, and a fever, I ask myself “When the hell was the last-time my body went on a cold-strike?”. It would have been maybe 5 years ago, about this time of year, and the feeling was pretty much the same. And for sure the taste of Fisherman’s Friend still qualifies as disgustingly worthwhile in my mouth. I was a bit kinder to myself this time and took care of myself earlier than last time. I am learning!

It feels like a cyclic thing that can happen to us all. Every so often, a virus can come along and overtake you. No big deal, it just is. Like the cycles of numerology (minus the hack, the fever) – there is a rhythm or a frequency to this that is unseen but can be scientifically proven.

If you follow my monthly posts on numerology, I delve into the Universal Year and break  it down in a monthly update forecast. The next one will be April 1, I believe, and I ain’t foolin’ ya. We are currently in a vibrational frequency based on the Universal Year which right now is 3, because 2+0+1+9 = 3. It goes in repeating revolutions or cycles with previous years such as 2010, 1992 and far-reaching back to 1920 (some very monumental times for women!) sharing the same 3 vibration. Really, the Universal year can extend a sense of themes for society to observe at more of a macro level. We all can feel it and contribute to it at a micro level.

What I wanted to write about is how depending on your personal year in numerology, the monthly vibration can affect you more intensely and sometimes, not very much at all.

I bet you think I forgot about the anthropomorphism part of this post. You you may be familiar with the definition of that word, but I indubitably had to eyeball the meaning. It is described as “giving human qualities to inanimate objects”.  Those inanimate objects in my world are cars. We have cars that we like and one of them is a zippy-do-da little Fiat which we call Q-tip (you see me in him here!) and the other is our not-so-shy electric-blue Suburu we coined Cookie (yes, for the Cookie Monster) she would be our girl. My partner Byron is currently restoring an old ‘68 Jaguar.  And as you may have figured out, we have no kids and so we baby on our cars! I know. Insert eye roll.

Now back to the numbers… the differentiation between the Universal Year and the Personal Year is the intensity. We feel the personal years even more so in our lives, because they are more uniquely intertwined to our individual birth dates. Every person has a cycle that changes yearly from 1-9 (some exceptions for Master Numbers), then repeats again with the same themes throughout our life. It allows you around 12 months to feel and experience the energy of your personal year number and see its influence. We are born on different date, so we will experience these cycles at different times. Right now we are about 8 billion people on the planet, so roughly 11% of the population will share with you the personal year you are in.

 A great deal can be learned in the course of a personal year. The personal years build on each other, one year to the next. Then they repeat again with possibilities of learning and advancing through a lifetime. There are always opportunities to advance yourself with repeated numbers on days and months as well. These cycles make numerology so powerfully positive. There are so many connections in the energy for enlightenment here.


If you want to know what Personal Year you are in add your month of birth to your date and then add again. For example, June 16 = 6+7 = 13 and 1+3 = 4. You then take 2019 which we know adds up to 3 and add that to your day and month number. In this case 4+3 = Personal Year 7.

1   Start Your Motor

You are off! Beginnings, independence, all destinations are possible, new career or movement in current career, buying of property, change of attitudes, a burst of possibility. Going at it independently. Checking out what is around you and maybe was not available last year. Self-sufficiency. Sometimes feeling a bit unsure of oneself. Avoid being arrogant or a know-it-all.

Lessons to Experience: to understand how you can start something on your own. Discover your belief in what you have to offer the world.

2   Turn on Your Headlights

You can begin to adjust and get comfortable in your vehicle. Time now to embrace partnerships, pairs, turn on your headlights and see others and what is around you, take care of details and stay organized. It may be time to deal with emotions. You may want to take things slower and live at a gentler pace this year. Sensitivities - 2 is a healing number that is excellent with relationships, your intuition can gently guide you, can be a bit emotional at times (depression and anxiety may be expressed), and deeply feeling, it is a number in tune with your surroundings, and enjoys beauty.

Lessons to Experience: taking what you started in year 1, and then working in cooperation with others using diplomacy and sensitivity, the gifts of how others can enhance your ride.

3   Crank Up the Entertainment System

Your creative, entertaining, networking, and communicative abilities come out. Opportunities for partnership can be expressed. There is a lighter aspect here with a supercharged feeling of youthful creativity to it, that allows you to PLAY. Look around your vehicle and see what you can do to have fun, change the music, add funky covers to the seats. Communication of all forms. You can get a bit hot-headed and can become scattered. Enjoy the mental aspects of games and sports. You’re ultra-attractive and dynamic; a magnet that people are drawn to. The 3 PY may present nervous undertones. You may feel that you’re not quite enough. Avoid self-deprecation.

Lessons to Experience: how to communicate and express yourself in the world with joy and playfulness. Make some noise that feels good to yourself and those around you.

4   Put Your Tires on The Road

You are now transitioning from learning possibilities, practicing diplomacy and experiencing play to driving that vehicle. The 4 PY has a steadier and more deliberate pace of moving forward. This is a hardworking number, but you have the steadiness of 4 tires to ensure that with hard work and perseverance you can get to where you want to go. There is a bit of a stubbornness and doggedness to this number, it is about laying foundations, it is about solid and steady steps. At times it can feel like a grind. You can make it through if you try to stay focused and goal-oriented.

Lessons to Experience: to learn to be systematically organized and steadfast.

5   Dust Off the GPS

You now amp up and have this urge to really zip along. To adventure, to promote, to move. This is mid-way through the numbers and you cannot be prepared to go in a new direction or course if this one that you have started is not working for you. Not a number that likes to waste any time sitting around. You will need to feel that after your hard work is finished, you will have some freedom to do whatever you want. Expect change within change. Nothing goes as expected. Sudden detours may take you off the chosen route. This is a number that enjoys sales, the excesses of life, and just plain adventure and travel. The other side is that relationships can be tested as a result of the freedom-loving 5 and addictions can be prevalent.

Lessons to Experience: learning how to use freedom to its highest good.

6   Bring It in For A Tune-Up

So this is a tweak and tune-up year with heart and home highlighted. The 6 year is a gentle mechanic of life. It favours the home and home-business, helping other people out and perhaps sacrificing your own needs. It represents kindness and love and it is so focused on relationships. You could be making adjustments overall with your life this year. Subtleties and refurbishments. Work with responsibility can be accomplished. Health is good, but it’s time to get that check-up. 6 is a number associated with marriage and connection. It can also be about divorce and dissolving of situations. It is a diplomatic number that h0as that balanced aspect. It can be prone to sacrifice and overextending as the nurturer of all.

Lessons to Experience: to learn how to keep up with responsibility while considering the emotions of others.

7   Pull Out the Owner’s Manual

This is a year to tap brakes and just look at how far you have ventured. 7 is a number that is about spirituality and digging deeper. It is slow, brooding and introspective. It is a number that represents study, both inward and outward directed. A number that encourages probing deep within to find the meanings of life and self. It represents higher learning, and deeper spiritual pursuits. This is a number that maybe does not promote revealing much about your emotional self. It causes a bit of distrust in emotions of self and others. It can be a bit of a jolt to someone as certain aspects of self are meant to be brought to the surface with 7.

Lessons to Experience: to learn to go below the surface to uncover truths about yourself.

8   Shift into High Gear

This is a work hard, get-up-and go number. 8 is about the infinite possibilities that exist in the world. It represents philanthropy, leadership and business. It can bring abundance in general to your life, in particular material abundance. It has a take-charge flavor. It promotes letting go of ego and assisting others. It teaches about the correct use of power. Overwork and exhaustion can be a danger. Giving as much as you get is the premise of this number.

Lessons to Experience: to learn to value the gifts of the material world and learn to pass along some of that to others.

9   Time for Detailing

Whether you decide to trade your vehicle in for a new one, or just absolutely clean it out from bumper to bumper, this is the number when you wrap things up and finish things off. This number has a compassionate, wise, and wordly energy. It favours ending, it has an absolute connection to completion. The 9 includes being aware of others and tending to their needs. A penchant for travel, and cultural interests of many kinds can prevail. Dramatic. Intuitive. Likes working with all kinds of people, but may be clouded as to judging other’s true character. Spiritual interests and pursuits.

Lessons to Experience: to give to all others with no need for anything in return, to let go, to complete.

I hope this offered you some guidance to the study of numerology. I work with people to offer some enlightenment for their lives and generally maximizing the #strengthinnumbers for success in whatever they are drawn to jump into and embrace. I am a social worker from many moons ago and also engage in a variety of other healing modalities in what I do.

By the way, in order to hurry up this restoration, are any of you in the market soon to buy an old Jag? To be continued…

To all of you!

Navigating with humanity,


Of mention: I do readily acknowledge the multitude of disciplines of numerology that various cultures use modalities: Kabbalah, Sanskrit, Chinese, and Chaldean. None is better than the other, they are all so uniquely different and valued. My work here is based on the Pythagorean system.

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