It’s Just a Name, Right?

Saying that seems too simplistic for my noodle to process! It essentially invalidates the experience I have had to date.

To me, names capture a vibration, a certain energy, an emotion, a feel. You all know what I mean. We have all had some object in our lives that is precious enough to us that we are compelled to designate a name for it…

If you recall my last episode, I spoke about how my husband and I name our cars (possibly a side-effect of being childless and maybe a tad bit eccentric in our thinking and world views). Our vehicle names amuse us every time we say them. Those names, Cookie Monster and Q-Tip have resulted in stories, pictures, laughter, frustrations, and joy. We still have a ’68 E-Type Jaguar that is in a million pieces with his (yes, I sense a masculine energy) metal amputations strewn around our garage like tear-stained tissues peppered around a coffee table after watching Old Yeller for the 5th time. The Jag remains nameless; and I am perplexed regarding how he seems to be taking a long time to complete – maybe if we named him, the journey to restore his metallic glory would suddenly surge forward! We might feel like proud parents with a sense of ownership, a duty, a calling to get him bolted together PDQ.

So how about all of you reading this today? Have you ever felt a synergy with any object, living or not, such as a plant, a building, anything that brings an “oh yes, my precious!” type of feeling inside?

Naming something can elicit meanings of infinite variety, the exact nature of which depend on where you live and how you were raised. The meanings hiding within a name can have cultural, ancestral, spiritual, or sentimental connotations. They pivot us into sensing certain qualities; which numerologists assign to letters. These letters comprise the first, sometimes middle, and last names of people, but of course just the single name that you have assigned to your favourite object.  

Numerology affords us a method to study in an ancient, sage-like manner how each letter in a name vibrates to certain characteristics in a way that always seems to enthrall me. Yes, different branches of the art and science provide glimpses that are varied, but for today, I write about the Pythagorean branch and the name-to-number index below:


For example: Cookie Monster, my Subaru:

Cookie 3 + 6 + 6 +2 + 9 + 5 =  31 = 3 + 1 = 4

Monster 4 + 6 + 5 + 1 + 2 + 5 + 9 = 32 =  +  3 + 2 = 5

4 + 5 = 9

9 Car (Careful exploration of each value of each letter in her full name is something I always take into account.)

In exploring her energetic essence or her carbon emissions (smile) she has a great deal of 6 energy in her name and 9 as well. She is a car that has a big personality and even an international persona with that 9 influence. She can also be a good feature for a home and bring a sense of lovingness to those that inhabit her. Any car with 4 indicated, as in the word Cookie, is a good vehicle for feeling stable and grounded in her operating abilities. She can be relied on. As for the 5 in Monster, it’s all about “Hey! Let’s go and travel the world!”. And she does, as she is our vehicle for road-trips throughout North America.

So… is there something that you have wondered about naming? Let me know and we can speak about it. Think about your own people, pets and possessions and ponder any stories you might have about how you named something in your life that seems to create a smile, a bigger beating of your heart.

Of note, I just helped someone name a business. There were a multitude of factors that we took into account: incorporation date, company values, mission, etc. They all added up to the desired type of vibration that felt good for the owner. As a numerologist, I could feel the energy and direction of his business was very much in alignment with the final name choice.

Names hold a power: they can really bring out warmth and a feeling of belonging. They can help initiate a life or a business in the most perfect direction.

It would be outstanding to hear about other’s experiences. I know at least one Subaru owner who read my last episode who may be working out her name to numbers right now…

Navigating with humanity,

Maureen Y. Nowicki

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