Numerology and the Planets in Our Solar System

I ventured to Flagstaff, Arizona a few days ago and visited the Lowell Observatory under the evening sky. Pictured above is the telescope that discovered the now demoted dwarf planet Pluto. I found it quite fascinating to be standing right beside such a monumental piece of equipment.  It was a magical place and it was Byron’s birthday night to cap it off. This prompted me to think about each planet and the vibrational relationship to numbers.

The symbolism of the planets. each of the base numbers in numerology which are 0-9 are represented by yes, the fact that each planet has a designated number. You also could through astrology into the mix (which I have a deep respect for as well) and say that each planet represents a specific zodiac sign . For now, I am just showing you that each planet does have a relationship to our numbers.

Here is a correlation of planets to numbers (with Pluto included):

  • Dwarf Planet Pluto - 0 -  Meaning: Can transition and change easily. The phrase is “ flexible presence”.
  • Sun – 1 - Meaning: A brilliant force in the sky, directing us. The phrase is “guiding light”.
  • Moon – 2 - Meaning: Nurturing and changeable. The phrase is “loving beam”.
  • Jupiter – 3 – Meaning: Expansive and prosperous. The phrase is “big wealth”.
  • Uranus – 4 – (sometimes 4 as Mars) Meaning: Dominating and in charge. The phrase is “commanding force”
  • Mercury – 5 – Meaning: Fastest planet. The phrase is: “the communicator “.
  • Venus – 6 – Meaning: Peaceful, beautiful, and harmonious. The phrase is: “ luxurious luminary”. 
  • Neptune – 7 – Meaning: Mystical, and ever-seeing. The phrase is ” knowing  visionary”.
  • Saturn – 8 – Meaning: Hardworking, and constraining. The phrase is “toiling experiences”
  • Mars – 9 – (sometimes 9 as Uranus) Meaning: Unusual and inventive. The phrase is “innovative solutions”.

As the night ended, I felt it was appropriate to share these relationships to you. If you have any resonance with any particular planet or meaning, there might be something to that for your own current experiences. I would really be interested to hear more from you and your shares or insights.

As always, keep the dialogue going and remember you are more than just a number.

Good night!


Maureen NowickiComment