A Sincere Hello!

If you are here you are definitely seeking greater consciousness and willing to tune into your own body and your spiritual development. You definitely are at the right place. I feel honoured that you are interested in this free chakra reading. I will tell you that I do require sensitive information including your full birth date in order to access your Akashic Record to do the reading; but I want to reassure you that absolutely none of your information is shared or sourced to anyone but me. I have training as a social worker and understand sensitive data and believe in protecting other people’s privacy. I uphold it as my own personal integrity to you as well!

Here’s how this works… as soon as you fill out the form below, I’ll get to work conducting a reading based on the information you submit. I employ dowsing as a tool to connect to your Akashic Record at the 5th dimension. In doing so, I am discovering your energy centres’ vitality and undertaking an analysis of each of them. I’ll send you an email within the next couple of days with an analysis of your 8 chakras!

I am very grateful that you have stopped by and I will surely get to work if you consent to sending me the following information. I’ll also put you on the list for my E-Share Publication SOAR - it comes out about once a month, with topics of interest to me... and hopefully to you. You can opt out at any time.

My kindest regards,

Maureen Y. Nowicki

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