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Universal Month 4 - October Forecast

The Universal Month in Numerology is as it sounds, it affects all of us who reside on this planet and it has far-reaching consequences. It is not as strong of an influence as your Personal Month or Personal Year, as those are numbers are specific to you. However, the Universal Year still plays out as a vibrational influence with certain distinct themes that you can see prevailing in your life and those around you.

October is about building firm foundations, creating a solid future, exploring financial, legal and perhaps lost details that you could not be bothered to attend to in September. There is a sense of work-ready, roll up your sleeves and get down to business. Even though it has a more serious tone, this is also a good time to have a Fall (or Spring down under) wedding, to start up or forward a business venture, or to welcome new life into the world. Being conscientious and tuning-in to small details (cleaning out your inbox!) is going to do you well right now. Having a plan that can see your intentions and goals come to fruition is just going to "feel right to accomplish now". You can begin to think more seriously about everything really, from personal relationships to work ones. Your health can take center stage as you schedule appointments to keep yourself healthy. As I said, you can really come down to earth and take care of business this month! I mean really!

We find that in October, nature and your home may call you to give it some tender attention. Completing planting or saying a gentle good bye to perennials if you are in the Northern Hemisphere calls you now. I say that the Base or the Root Chakra resonates this month to really help ground you at times. It can feel like a natural and organic connection to the vibrational frequency this month. This calls for you to go out and take breaks, love and inhale the colour red around you, enter those visualization exercises... see my Root Chakra ideas below this forecast for more ideas.

Moving on, even though this is a month that is not as much in alignment to the free-flowing and expansive nature of the 3 Universal Year, you should adjust well into it as we are also entering the last part of the cycle of Year 3. We will be moving into Universal Year 22/4 which holds a Master Number energy and as you can see there is the 4 to enhance what October brings. As the last months of the year continue, we will feel within ourselves the influence of the more serious, but building of dreams and beyond your dreams year that 2020 beholds. Just you wait!

We are start to percolate on our goals and dreams in October and will spend a whole year next year going even further within to find ways to make our goals a concrete reality. Clear intention setting and planting seeds for 2020 can be set and we get to do a little work on them this month too! What are you setting intentions on now to build on in a few months?

Have a solid, practical, and well-planned month ahead and as always, let me know how things shake out in your world. Be wary of being too rigid, and put some time aside to have some fun and outdoor activity as well. A bit of balance can go a long way.
Keep soaring!


How Can Numerology Assist Me? What Do you Offer?

Numerology, I have discovered through trial and tribulations has assisted myself and others in promientways. What stands out for me is understanding cycles in our lives and timings of how we are in-tune with our soul and how we an maximize each day, month, and year of our lives. To me that is valuable and helpful for anyone. Additionally numerology allows for a greater understanding of your character and how you were born into this incarnation with certain characteristics that are ascertained by your name at birth, as even it is has changed along your journey, to the present day. The month, day, and also the year that you were born is also required. There is a frequency or association for both the numbers and letters in this combination. Together a story of your soul is weaved and we form a picture of YOU together.

The latest reading that I am offering is the Native Path Soul Navigation reading which is listed below. At this time, this is what is working for me at a soul level to offer you and it really does provide some interesting perspectives for you to live your life illuminated with what frequency you could be vibrating to, what that means for you, what you could be doing or maybe what challenges could arise, and suggestions of how to navigate your current and future pathway.

Native Path Soul Navigation Reading

Welcome to this comprehensive, soul navigation offering that includes a 10-page written report, your own personal guide over your next 12 months, and a 40 minute SKYPE consultation call to review your information!

The Native Path Soul Navigation Reading is about understanding who you are at your nativity level - how your soul came into his Earth. It will include with detailed and thoughtful description:

Your Strength Number

Your Lesson Number

Your Balance Number

Your Soul Number

Your Personality Number

Your Inner Guidance Number

Your Native Path Number

Your Maturity Path Number

Your Career Success Number

Your Fulfillment Number

Your Personal Year and Relevant Timings

During our call you will also receive the opportunity to ask additional questions and work through your information based around specific career, relationship, or life in general questions.

If this report speaks to you, act today.

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More on Numerology and differences to Astrology! Here's CosmosNotions' Perspective

Numerology is different from astrology. Astrology has a relationship to each planet, numerology can have a vibrational compliment to each planet, but numerology primarily looks at your date and name at birth and how each letter and number have a corresponding sequence with each other. It has a simplicity to it that astrology does not have. The two are often confused. The difference extends further to the product you receive. In numerology you receive more of a reading explaining your various number patterns and their influences in your life overall. With astrology, you receiving a chart with all of the planets and astral influences as part of your reading. They differ also in that as in astrology you are specifically asked for your time of birth to make the reading as accurate as possible.

As for the study of names and numbers and their varying vibrational properties that dates back centuries to the Egyptians, Hebrews, Chinese, Greeks, Romans and Japanese. Greek philosopher Pythagoras is said to be the Father of Modern Numerology.  He seems to get the credit for the theoretical foundations of numerology. Although, Chaldean numerology is an older school of thought and has its own Numerology is both practical and mystical in its nature, but the application in day-to-day life is possible for everyone.

There is a frequency or a measurement in Hertz that gives each number a specific vibration. Numerology is something to be experienced over a period of time to really see, feel, and understand how it works in your life.

Personal Year Books in 2020 for 2021

I really had joy over the experience of writing the 9 books for each personal year at the end of 2018 for 2019. I would like to try to expand on the #SYNCWITHTHECOSMOS series and upgrade them. Expect a new and revised version to be made available in 2020 for the Universal Year 5 in 2021.

2019 Personal Year Books - SYNCWITHTHECOSMOS - 365 Days of Numerology to Invite Cheer Into Your Personal Year (watch for updated versions for 2021!)

2019 Personal Year Books - SYNCWITHTHECOSMOS - 365 Days of Numerology to Invite Cheer Into Your Personal Year (watch for updated versions for 2021!)