Abundance Notions Report

Abundance Notions Report


Electronically delivered, Personalized Abundance Notions Report, with a 30min navigation phone call with Maureen to assist you with the information presented in your report, plus a complimentary #SYNCWITHTHECOSMOS2019 Guide customized for your specific Personal Year in 2019. You will be contacted via e-mail within 48 hours of your order to provide Maureen with the personal data necessary to calculate your charts.

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What do you get when you order the CosmosNotions Abundance Report?

We calculate the numerological "Big 5 Core Numbers" for your specific birthdate – Life Path, Birthdate, Expression Number, Heart's Desire, and Personality. We decipher what they mean for you in terms of challenges that may be taking you off course and how you can use the information to stay on course to achieving your goals.

Karmic Lessons: that may be present.  

Your Personal Year Depicted : what your personal year is and what is ahead over the next year and individual months. 

Abundance Notions: Home or Apartment Number – and how this is working for your abundance goals. – front door colour. 

Relationship Notions: what you may need in your relationships with family, siblings, and other loved ones, how to foster better relationships 

Action Plan: Your top 5 key recommendation for the next year.