Relationship and Connection Akashic Records Reading

Relationship and Connection Akashic Records Reading


This is a dynamic reading that I work to enter the Akashic Record of the two parties which you will both receive:

The Akashic Record Soul Profile reading which illuminates who you are at a soul-level which brings you personal insights for both of you and in particular how your connection is today and perhaps if there are links to previous lifetimes.

We explore together:

  • Your primary energy centres,

  • Your soul groups of origination

  • Your soul vibration rates

  • You receive awareness of your spirit guide teams.

  • Your primary lessons.

  • Your individual blocks and restrictions.

  • Your history and connection

  • Clearing, releasing, honouring, and choosing new action in the relationship

  • Your karma

This could speak to the follow dyads:

  • Parent and Child - If you are Mom or Dad and you are so inclined to receive a reading of both of you at a Soul perspective with your child and find about about past incarnations together, your relationship history, contracts held, life lessons, blocks and restrictions, etc.

  • Friends - If you are two friends and wanting to discover your history together, what are current blocks and restrictions that you hold together and how that impacts you both.

  • Business Acquaintances/Partners - How the two of you have formed your relationship, if previous life contracts are involved, what are certain themes showing up with both people.

This is a 90 minute reading that is recorded via Skype or Zoom . The emphasis on clearing and also the choice for you to take new action is provided. You can relax into this reading and ask questions and we divide the reading between 45 minutes on your individual profiles and 45 minutes on you and your relationship together and how you connect. The session is recorded and you can listen to the reading at anytime to go back over specific details. Questions are recommended and encouraged!

A fascinating and useful way to really understand someone special in your life and they to connect with who you are at soul-level.

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