Soul Scope Situational Analysis

Soul Scope Situational Analysis


Healing and working with the Akashic Records is like peeling an onion, you keep working on the layers as you are ready to do so. After 6 months or maybe a year after having a general Akashic Records reading you may want to delve further and scope into specific life situations that are of concern to you. You may want to fine tune and work with this reading to examine reoccurring issues .

As usual, I start by obtaining your intention for the reading and this forms a basis for your session. You are the one driving the reading.

We work through the situations that are resulting in your life and scope deep into:

  • grouping situations and understanding current situations

  • what blocks and restrictions are present

  • chakra imbalances

  • imprints

  • beliefs

  • illusions

  • hooks and cords

  • unjustified and justified karma

 The result of this scope:

is to take you deeper into yourself and clear for you to choose to take new actions in your life.

(Note: I can work with you with this session initially in particular if there are quite a few issues that are presenting themselves.)

A reading about dealing with scoping into a variety of life-concerning issues that have presented themselves to you.

A wonderful second reading to do that further work that you may be called to do after the initial Akashic Records Soul Profile reading has been completed.

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